The Great Escape

The  Great Escape

Friday, 20 May 2016

A big adventure "Dahn Sarf"

This week we have set off on a huge adventure to take us from Stafford to Stratford on Avon, to Stratford East, only a ten minutes on the bus from out bricks and mortar home.
We set off down the Staffs and Worcs from Stafford Boat Club last Saturday and headed for Stourport on Severn.
We arrived in Stourport on Wednesday after three good weather days. We even had to crack out the sun lotion!

Lovely mooring before Kinver. Felt like being in Scotland with the pines opposite.

Kidderminster lock
Leaving Stourport on the River Severn; lifejackets on!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Acting flash.

From Northwich, we headed beyond the navigable part of the Weaver onto Winsford Flash, which is a lake like widening of the river. Because the whole area has been mined for salt since Roman times, many areas of subsidence have occurred and these "Flashes" abound in the area. Winsford is  larger than most and has a sailing club on it. We only tootled around at the beginning and moored up for lunch.
We were wary of running aground, since,
although narrow boats have a shallow draught, the flash is very shallow. We all emerged unscathed.
This should have been posted way back in June, but I had no signal. Still, better late than never!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Unexpected feline visitor

We are moored at Polesworth on the Coventry canal on our way home from a trip up the Ashby Canal. Another boat arrived nearby and, chatting to the owner, we discovered she has three cats on board. Later on a little face appeared in the doorway, she came in , had a quick look around, then left. Much later , after dark, she reappeared, having got in through the cratch at the front of the boat and deposited a mouse on the galley floor! We are  now a bit concerned that we have a stowaway!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Upriver to Northwich and beyond

All four  boats locking up together
After a second night moored at the Devil's Garden, we set off back towards Anderton and on to Northwich The weather stayed fine for us and we were all in good spirits! We are discovering the fun of travelling with other people and learning much from more experienced boaters.
Past the boat lift  where the trip boat was just emerging.

We now headed on towards Northwich where we intended to stay the night.  

We had a very pleasant meal at The Quayside just up the High Street,but climbing back down onto the boat was challenging!

Downriver towards Runcorn

moored up for lunch

Lock which takes you out onto the Manchester ship canal . A  bit out of our league!

Picnic beside the lock.

We spent a couple of hours having a leisurely lunch in the sun.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Devil's Garden

This is where we are moored and there's nothing demonic about it. Delightful!

Onto the River Weaver

Waiting for the lift: Four boats from the Cotswold canal Cruising Club!

Into the pound for the lift

Going down!
Gates open
And off down the Weaver